2022 NAPA DAY 2


Napa Day 2

Neuro Suit Savanna is the helping with Lauren on my Neurosuit … I started getting suited up and then did some taps on buckets holding myself up. Then we stood on a big 8 inch step box and I had to step down scoop the beanbag with my foot and hand and make a basket .. That was very hard but it was fun. I was throwing them and hitting the other therapist and they were shooting rockets at us. Napa is fun but they want me to work and have fun but sometimes being a little cheeky and making people laugh is fun.. This next exercise was a bit confusing. I had to go down on two knees stand up but they didn’t want me to put my foot down and just kick that was rough I can stand all day and kick but my balance isn’t to the point I can stand up and kick.
I said ALL DONE! I don’t enjoy them when they are so hard I feel I am going to fall. But Savanna was holding me and she caught me . I trust them. We went to the spider cage next to do pulls with my legs. Then HOP Scotch… FUN times!!! I worked hard.
Mummy brought me Jelly Babies and Oatmeal yay me!! Break time and then back at it….

Neuro Suit… Erin & Annika

Started out still in Neurosuit and on boxes and squats to get the rings.. We picked up rings and I had to put them over my head and my arms thru then back over my head to learn how to take off my clothes… Now why do I need to learn how to undress I have mum!!!??? Hmmm

Bean bag time!! They have me kind of bear crawling and throwing them.. I did that one well. Next I had to stand on a box and tap colored circles with my feet it isn’t as easy as it looks these bungees make me work. I had to push this big heavy iron thing they called Santa sleigh but I am telling you it wasn’t Santa sleigh there were no presents. And it was black not red! But I pushed it all the way to the swing room … so I got to swing and climb… it was fun. I climbed and climbed and did so well… I FINALLY got to do the shaky plate!!! FINALLY!! And I was on it and would lift up and hit sound buttons it was GREAT!! Finally out of the neurosuit and time to relax for an hour then DMI hopefully they are done evaluating and I get to play on my BOXES!!

DMI… Kaitlyn

Today was fun BOX day and fun for me to kiss myself in the mirror… Yes I love kissing the mirror to tell myself I did GOOD! And it makes everyone laugh … I am funny like that… We did a lot of balance it was very very fun. But it is very hard. I definitely need the balance help . Seems my feet like to cave now since I am heavier / taller/ bigger. But I am trying this was day 2 I will be able to do a lot in a few weeks it is amazing what this program does for me!

Until tomorrow I will figure out what I can do to create some fun times again!!