Napa Day 3

Today I was happy for the most part… But I got there early and decided to RUN… But that didn’t help me much… I went Into the Office and I gave Shay a hug I do like her but I didn’t want to sit in the chair but I got in after they well made me…. Shay put this thing on my chin and put tape over it I wanted to pull it off but she didn’t let me and put more tape on top. Mummy said it would help me so I sat there… it did some weird things I ended up getting really really quite.. it makes my chin tingle some. (Note: This is called VITASTEM) .. this stayed on me the entire session. I am obsessed with Shay shirts they always have cool words on them. I know they realize I can read.. Just b/c they don’t understand Liam language YET I can figure out theirs. I played with my favorite toy in there but I wasn’t has energetic b/c I wasn’t sure about the things going on with my chin and mouth… Shay did some exercises and helped my lips to move my mouth the way it should be for me to form words. She was teaching mummy things to do with my lips and mouth to help me to get my mouth in the proper alignment to help me to form words better with my sounds. She also helps me with my lips to help me know how to move my lips when I decided I will make some sounds for her. Today I was in a state of what are they doing and wasn’t going to try much but I did allow her to rub my mouth and gums it feels good. She has a little toothbrush thing I love a lot… Mummy has something like that for me at the house but it doesn’t vibrate. Shay took me outside to enjoy some fresh air. It was nice but I didn’t want to go inside I saw mummy truck and really wanted to just go on home today… Was another new morning with new therapy that I am unsure of.. the new isn’t so easy! This is tough and it is work… But I love Shay!

Next OT.. With Rachel… I gave her a big hug! She was excited I hugged her. Mummy helped her to get my nero suit on .. She went down in the size and it fits better. (Still very weird) and very very hard to walk in. I look ridiculous…. Or maybe I look like the hulk I don’t know need my cape but left at home… After I got it on she got out some toys I liked I was playing with them and showing mummy some things but lost interest kind of fast … Mummy ended up going to the mummy & Daddy lounge. I settled down pretty quickly and we played with the log and she taught me to take the toys and move them from one side to the other with my arms. I got to sit on a little squishy seat while I did some of the exercises too. When I was on the log she was putting my toys / books and things into a laundry basket with some weights in them. I would take a rope and pull it to me and if I got it all the way to me I got the book I was so excited and would clap when I got it done!
I looked up and saw mummy in a mirror but she disappeared again so back to pulling the toys back to me with the big rope!

Next I had Jenn.. mummy took me to give me a snack until she was ready. I seriously was kind of ready to leave already … I was tired…. I drank some water and she came to get me. Mummy let her and I go into the room I was kind of crying I was tired and still in my nero suit I have to wear it for 80 mins each session. I ended up running up and down the hall she was trying to get me to calm down mummy was hiding… Then she had to take a phone call for me she had been trying to get social security to help us.. (she said they said I didn’t qualify). But she tried… she tries to help me all the time… I love my mummy she is always getting me appointments, and working to find me help, friends and things to do.. Although I don’t necessary like it when she leaves me I want her there but she knows if she is there I won’t do as much as if she is not.
Today with Jenn we ran, we walked on my obstacle course I love doing that and clap when I make it to the end. Mummy didn’t catch me doing the cool things today b/c she had to take that call. I love knowing she is there even if she hides I know she won’t leave me. I caught a ball today!!!!!! It wasn’t a little ball but I did catch a ball!!!

Well Day 3 was a success but I was very tired. After therapy we went out side and sat with my Kleefstra Brother William and his mum while they had a snack before their next session we do ours all in the am and they get a break in the middle before their next set. It is always very nice to see my Kleefstra Family! I tried to give him a hug and accidentally knocked him over I didn’t mean to hurt I just want to hug or give kisses but I think I am rougher than I realize. They ended up going for a drive afterward so he could relax before his afternoon session. WE ended up going to the grocery store to get some more snacks for me and then we went to the farm for milk, eggs and mummy got some more stuff for my tummy so it could help me if it got upset.