Napa Day 4 Speech today we did vitastim it was rough or maybe it wasn’t maybe I am just strong willed .
I sat in the chair we did Old McDonald it was fun at first I didn’t want her to know but I couldn’t help myself to participate I love making animal sounds. I got to look at a book today which is my favorite and point and make sounds.
We also played some other games I warmed up and was good until we went put for a walk and I thought I was going to leave and realized that was the furthest thing from the truth and got a little upset. Had a snack and mummy took me To bathroom and I got changed for the Nero suit and therapy with Rachel whom I love but I still wanted to leave .

Went into OT with Rachel and got my suit on I kicked my shoes off like 5 times to make mummy have to keep putting them on. She got my suit on and sat me up I was still frustrated but she started singing and I calmed right down. She hs rice and hides things and has been showing me how to scoop with spoons to find treasure it’s fun.... my hands are faster but I guess the spoon isn’t so bad. I got to climb up the little triangle cushion and Rachel did it too it was fun! Love she takes a turn to. She laid me on the big ball and pushed me forward and when she tried backwards it scared me I don’t like being on my back!!

Jenn and Rachel swapped think they are trying to keep me motivated and engaged. I am doing the obstacle course again and she added to it today . I am getting it I get excited and tease with going off and on ... she got a big Mat and Placed noodles on it and had me bending and jumping over them. I am getting there!!! She works with me with throwing the ball for me to catch I’m learning I caught it yesterday.

I am working down to smaller balls ... I can catch now!!!!!!! I get excited .. she put a ladder looking thing on the floor to make squares for me to jump jump jump!!!! Jumping onto a step isn’t easy! Kind of makes me nervous I love jumping and jumping off the curb but this is kind of different jumping with both feet is hard she’s also trying to help me to hop. I did a lot better today she said my confidence was growing . :-)