Napa Day 5

Today I was happy happy mummy gave me hot chocolate and it made me ready to go went into shays and asked for vitastim and asked to get in the chair. We did a lot of animals and massaging on my lips . I love massaging in my mouth. I also got to practice on an augmentation device... I did very well today and really enjoyed it. I’m getting better and more comfortable..

Rachel OT We did the climb up the wedge and I have to show I can crawl up and get off by myself by swinging my legs around on my own. After I sit on the bench and feed a little monster cotton balls or rice with a spoon or my hand to show I can squeeze the tennis ball and also to practice scooping food into mouth with spoon... it’s to help me to use a spoon. I used a ball and rolled forward and backward . She got some paper for me to color on I drew lots and lots of circles. I love circles . She got some stickers and I picked a few to stick to my picture :-)

PT We did the round steps for me to alternate steps and then got smaller I struggle with balance but I’m trying . But I’m also cheeky and don’t always try because I get silly. We did some smaller steps and I was doing it but kept wanting to step off bc it’s easier than one foot in front of the other. Jenn got me some steps different sizes to practice stepping with alternating feet . We practice throwing the ball more and I was still able to catch. She took me into the other room to use the stairs I do ok but still want to just step with my left foot first always. Alternating seems so complicated I mean I get where I’m going right so does right left right really matter?