Napa Day 6 Week 2 Day 1

Today in speech we worked with vitastim on my cheeks and neck. She let me play with the Augmentation device and I really like it. She is going to try to help me get one !!! Mummy is excited to have help!!!! We read books and played with the Thomas train cake. I love books.

OT I did my crawls across the mat onto a big swishy pillow and bear crawled to my bench to feed my rice to the dog with my spoon we did it 5 times . Then I got to color. I love Rachel! I wanted to hug on her today!!!! She put lines like an L on a paper and helped me to make an “L”. She had some sticks and we made shapes out of them and traced with our fingers . She put tape so I could put the sticks on the shape . She’s creative and I’m a little of a mess !!!! Then we took crayons untraced the triangle I think I did pretty good! Then we got the big ball I go forward on it and bounce and act like Superman. That’s fun. The other way on my back no so happy with. The front is core body strength she said. The back she is trying to help me with gravitational something well . I like gravity and being on the ground!!! In control!! Now time for PT...

PT....we did balancing on the steps I did awesome today then she added the small ones . I’m still not great but I am trying and getting there. Balance isn’t my thing but I guess I’ll get it eventually. Daddy doesn’t balance great either!!! Shhh don’t tell him I said that lol.
She gave me a balance Mat I did great on that but she added these squishy things on top. I did it but to be honest that was very very very hard I felt like i was going to fall for sure!!! But 5 times and I was done she helped me less each time. I know I’m doing better . We got the skinny ones and she wanted me t go sideways!! Ok well that was HARD but I did it and I did it better each time even tho I was scared and felt very unstable!!
Next we got onto a soft square mat and practiced throwing. I do good at catching now. And it’s a small ball and I’m bot against a wall. She then had mummy throw the ball and put me on a weird unstable thing I had to balance she was helping as I was catching and mummy can’t throw!!!! Jenn is better . After we did that I did balance by myself and we went to kick ball too. I wasn’t in the mood to kick so my charming not so charming attitude came out. They can’t help but laugh bc I am soooo silly 🙃 mummy doesn’t seem to enthused but I think I’m hallarious...
she put the ball up so I won that battle now she put out a ladder with colors for me to do. She put stars in the middle and round colors out and I could t quite get it. I did better handing things back to her lol. Clean up is way more fun that working sometimes . Think I’m ready for lunch.. they have a cool Santa that goes up a ladder ! I enjoyed watching him and my Kleefstra brother watched with me. Until tomorrow off to rest my legs, brain and enjoy not having to follow instructions :-)