Napa Day 7 In Speech I didn’t get my tickle today (vitastim) we worked on the device and I was very very cheeky . I was making mummy laugh so she had to stop recording one way to get her to stop recording me. She let me play with the computer and that was fun although not sure exactly how or what to do with it yet. No games just words! I do like words but I don’t know how much fun it is when I can do anything fun. But it is allowing me to tell her things since my language is so different from theirs! We played with a ball game I like to watch it roll down it also had a place to put things like a shape sorted and I like shape sorters . I learned how to push my turn when I wanted to try . I am learning but it’s a lot of moving around to find things. I know I can figure it out if given the time. Shay is trying to help us find someone closer to home to help us.

OT Rachel came to get me and I was ready for to go... suit time I just sit and help as much as possible now. She had a lot of positive energy Mummy says. Guess that’s why I like her so much. Today I did my crawl over and bear crawl and then we did a new game with pancakes I had to use a spatula to pick up and put in the box . I finally learned bear walk by myself today!!!! I am rocking this!! Rachel and I color also she got me a santa to color!! I love Santa a lot !!! I can find ever movie or episode with Santa in it. At uncle Adam and Auntie Monica’s, Adam put out neat blow up Santa and the whole house is so neat it’s full of Christmas stuff and lights and needless to say I love it all!!!!!! They’ve decorated the center and I will go into the break room bc there are Christmas decorations. She put the tape down and before they knew it I was half way around the square!!!! We used scooter boards today and I had to pull myself back and forth from one side to the other . On one side I used the spatula to put the pancakes in. The box the other side we scooted to mummy!! PT We started with my stepping blocks I mastered that !!!!! Now she added the balance skinny ones well I’m trying is all I can say.. I’m so fast with the others but I am trying to slow down to get the little ones . I even tried to help her clean up. I was so excited I feel way more confident . She got the skinny ones I don’t balance very well but am trying and excited to try.
Next was sideways ugh although on the little ones it is easier than going forward balancing .. she got a balance beam out for me and put the half squishy balls again. These are hard. When she changed it I got cheeky and decided to be Liam and make it easy! Yes I understand everything but doing it my way is sooo much easier and makes way more sense. When it was clean up time I didn’t mind helping get those things off the floor! We got a board and block for me to jump on and off . Finally crushed my goal and I got it !!!! Everyone went crazy so I decided to do it over and over.... next she got a mat and held one of my feet so I can learn to hop on one foot not so interested in that .