Napa Day 8 I’m up I’m up!!!!! Watched Santa play peekaboo with me and Uncle Adam turned on the baby fire truck lights on for me. Now off to therapy let’s see what I can master today!!! We are here and my Santa wasn’t there ... I was a little upset . We got in speech and I wanted to play with my device a lot it was fun I told her by myself that I had chips last night and that the other device in the room was blue and this one was black.
I was being silly and trying to do words and numbers after I saw Shay go to them.
We had to do my mouth exercises and I wanted to do the device! I want to try to tell them things but I decided to get it al Over with bc I know if I get on it I have more time with the device .
I like Vitastim I tell Ms.Shay to turn up I like it . Mummy thinks it’s funny I almost fall asleep. We went thru cards and I was trying to make sounds to say things I think I did ok. Shay is very encouraging . We waked said hi but I said goodbye and I loved seeing Santa . That Santa is so cool.

OT Suit time. I’m so patient and willing now ... what has happened to my toddler cheeky self these people have got me in a Napa routine ... didn’t think I’d let that happen but I gave in and now I’m having so much fun!!!! Guess I should be more willing to try bc I do have fun after but then people don’t have to work for my personality and working for it is worth it once you win it 🙃. I love the changing surfaces and have learned how to go up to bear crawl and I really enjoy it now... Rachel and I color to I am doing a Christmas tree today. She taught me how to turn on a fan!!! So now I keep going to turn on the fan!

PT I didn’t want to cooperate! I was not being very good. I was t wanting to participate like yesterday. I did some but not like I should’ve . I am definitely giving Ms Jenn a workout and making her have to wrk hard. Guess it’s the red head in me. Just want to be a little pain... She put the block out and jumping I was all for! Then she set up the half swishy balls and had me climb up the wedge it was as hard but I was willing to do that one over and over .
Still want nothing to with my activity but I am helping clean up. She got me a 2lb ball today and I was catching it and I would throw it back. I love throwing and catching !! That ball was heavy tho but I am strong and can handle it, Like a champ!!!!! I was being difficult today but hey I’m 5 and I am entitled to a silly.... and not productive day sometimes right . Mummy says you only have a few more days here you need to try hard everyday. But some days are just harder than others !