Napa Day 9

Today we did vitastim on my cheeks and played with a new tablet (augmentation device) I made it say I like my sister JOJo lol. They got a laugh put of that I am being very loud lately. I picked a puzzle and we did it.
I then picked bubbles... I’ve been a little moody! I push a little but I am learning the device can speak for me so I don’t have to get so pushy! I like trying to use it. I used the big device I was using the last week and I think I like it better but I like the other bc I think I can find a way to to reprogram it. Cheeky me!!!

OT Rachel put on my neurosuit and she had a new set of obstacles for me to crawl over to practice so I can play on play grounds !!! Rachel did it and I cheered for her and I ran to do it too. I like the challenges and have had a great time working thru the climbing and crawling. We get to the bench and I feed my tennis ball monster rice and run to do it again. She has helped me to stretch hair bands to pull and put it over things to help me grow hand strength to pull my socks on and off. I stretched and put on a bunny and tried to put on Rachel hand. I was being a little silly again. Rachel would do it and I would cheer for her she wants me to go with her to work out bc I encourage her!
Next we got a bolister so she got a porcupine for me to pull the parts put when I rolled . Building muscle strength in arms and legs and chest . We did a square today for our shape to trace and learn. I like that I picked blue and white to use today. I like blue!!

PT I was sitting on my bench and Ms Jenn came and tried to scare me!!! Come on... no scaring me. I pointed to the beginning walking balancing and she set up . I was a pain or a little bit of one . I finally did it bc excited and she changed to balancing beam and it is just so hard for me but I am trying FINALLY. I helped her clean up! Next is the other balancing steps! They are long but not so narrow. She made it where I jumped over them. And then stacked them higher I was jumping 6”.. next we had the mat with incline and I walked on the half squishy balls again. It works on balance it’s hard but I actually don’t mind this one it’s challenging but fun!! I keep going back even tried to get up on my own but it is very hard . They were trying to get me to push and i was laying on the mat instead but pushed in the end. I just want to be silly come on work for it.. next was ball catch balancing on squishy things . I was catching a 2lb ball again! Then we got to jump on the block again. I’m getting better at jumping .