Napa Mini intensive Day 1

1 Napa Mini Intensive Jan 2023 1/4/22

Rachel -PT We worked on trying to make me jump on one foot ! Not a fan just saying!!! It’s hard and I don’t want to use both feet I have my strong leg the other works for what it is needed and it doesn’t need to hop to get where I need to go so there!!!

Maddie OT She got a little bolster I was excited and mummy called it a baby and so I got to do easy one once and got the bigger one and that was hard! Mom let me have an easy day please .. nope she said we only have 4 days .
We did some swats and I had to pick up balls with a scooper and give to Buc-ee it was hard . Then I got a 8lb medicine ball and it was flat tried to blow it up but didn’t work.
But did my sit ups and crushed it. Tried to cheat but got caught!!!!

Savanna DMI

Dance day dance day. I worked hard but got really silly and savanna had a blast with me. We worked and danced .. then jumped and danced and jumped some more it had a lot of weird balance and I made her do it. If she won’t do it neither will I !! So she had to set up things easier bc I made her do it…