Napa Mini-intensive Day 2

Napa Mini intensive 1/3/2023

Rachel- PT

Flamingo… Goal setting … working on balance and standing.. Stood on bolster and balanced … made it all the way to 6 and high fived…

Did tip toe high five with Buc-ee and hopped on one foot. She had me hopping on one foot to different colors. We did the dots and had to lunge. I don’t like lunges but I will do them b/c Miss Rachel is super nice. I am really making her work.

Shakey plate time. She had it on a box and made me go up and down on the plate

OT-Aisling (filling for Emily)

Scooter board in and out and grabbing puzzles with Buc-ee and then back. (Got to use my plungers. ) We did the shakey plate and I pulled Buc-ee to me with a rope while balancing the other hand.
Then she had me climb a ladder it was scary but I climbed up and gave Buc-ee a High Five .. We are working on me writing and I showed them I got my name I can write it over and over now ..

Savanna ~ DMI

We had lots of new ideas the first one I had to walk and kick I of course made Buc-ee do it first ..Made Savanna also . She did a balance one with the board and big board it was scary but I mastered it.

Then she decided to do something more complicated … Not so sure about this one. But still not as bad as Kaitlyn pulling things out from under me. Had some squishy balls and had to balance on cubes and moving circles ….that was very hard but. I did it 5 times.

Rocking Box and tapping the porcupines. She wanted me to do it 5 times so I did 10 to try to be done and not do 5 times but she made me do it again. I tapped as fast without alternating to see if she would catch me and ugh she did have to repeat and do 5 on the other side … I had a box to step on and kick the wooden blocks off she wanted me to alternate but I decided to kick them all so much easier .