Napa Mini-Intensive Day 3

Napa Mini Intensive January 5,2022

PT- Rachel Lots of jumping today! I have a hard time on one foot but they put tape on my feet to match the squares I know they are the same but still do what I want bc it’s just hard to do the other foot .

OT- Emily I was not behaving for Miss Emily she was trying to make me work and I decided I was going to be a pain and see how much I could get out of by just not participating like I was supposed to . She tried very hard but I was like nope. I did work but not like I should

DMI Savanna

Dance buddy right here!! Love DMI mummy named it Dance Movement Intensive because me and Savanna dance a lot and play

Today was a lot of moving and sliding around . So we did so sliding of my legs forward, back side to side and lots of squats !!! Buc-ee aced it big time!!! I did too and so did savanna!