Napa Mini - Intensive Day 4

Mini intensive January 6th 2022

Rachel PT We worked on me hopping on one foot again, it is very hard for me . She put colors on my shoes to try to help me know where to jump. It’s a lot of hard work, but I feel like I’m learning. I love doing the shaky plate and reaching and I get a tap Buc-ees hand. It’s a lot of fun having my best friend do it with me.

Emily OT Today I was a little better for Emily. I tried to work a little harder and not give her such a hard time is she’s just so sweet and I wanted to see if I can get out of working hard but I did the small bolster and I started doing bad so I went ahead and said big because I knew I should be doing the bigger one and not the baby one.

Savanna DMI

Two flat boards and balls not my favorite hate balls . Today she did a lot of things with a squishy ball and I don’t like that but I did it and I was good Bucee did it as well. I like watching Savanna do it. I feel like when she doesn’t do it, why should I , but they always make me. I try it, and I always say four more Liam! I want to say I tried. Can we just move on I know I have to show I can do it 5 times … but I do love DMI!! I hate today was my last day. I’m going to miss them mommy cried!!!