NAPA 2021 - Part 2

Week 2

Day 5

Worked on my “T” sounds and mmmm (that one it’s easier). Did “B” and I’ve got “D”. I always want Cookie Monster and Miss Shay let’s him sing for me. We played on a bouncing ball today! It was funny if I would make the sounds she wanted she’d bounce me! I caught onto that very quickly!!!

Jenn and a Nikki DMI. We worked on balancing on very small board! I did it forward and backward ! I’m rocking this!! Not scared at all! Did it with and without glasses ! I was alternating between boxes and really was proud of myself…

Kaitlyn… PT Nuerosuit

Did the shaky plate… love that … I stood on both feet, did flamingo, and both feet one in front of other .. then plank time.. I am rocking the plank..

Gonna have ABS… I stood on a half ball and picked up the ball and tapped the wall on each side back and forth keeping balance and twisting… Building my muscles…

We did the ladder and I got to do a puzzle love making puzzles… I go sideways between the ladder on a squishy balance beam or whatever you want to call it. Makes it very hard but I’ve got this… I used a square board that rocked …

She got on it with me and we rocked that is the best part .. We did a Dynamic Toe thingy…. It was so hard at the beginning but I am getting really good at it. I step on these squishy things and lift a foot while balancing and tap a cone… I feel I am improving on everything I am so brave and want to try this time. If I fall I get back up. I haven’t been giving anyone a hard time this time !! Yet anyway!!! Working on hopping that isn’t the easiest I am trying but it is hard… Wendy OT Nuerosuit

We did my music therapy with miss Wendy.. I love that a lot especially since I get to swing, and I shake the swing and move it side to side!!!! We spin and I laugh and she laughs. So fun. After than we went and I did my weights I pull and do bench press, sit up and I pull.. I am sooooo strong I keep pulling even after 10 Miss Wendy is so impressed I keep going without a rest. I do sit ups those now are HARD!!!!! I get to do rope pulls they are awesome!!!! I am pretty tired to day but I am pushing thru … I just keep loving on Miss Wendy. WE played connect 4 and I won … I did pretty good for my first time. I used the iPad to draw my name with the iPad crayon it is getting easier to do things . So happy I get to go to the classroom and gym.

Napa Day 6

Miss Shay

I did a scavenger hunt around Napa and found everything and was talking with my talker to tell Miss shay what everything was! When mummy came out I played like I had no clue what to do. Bc I know she’ll record it she always records me ! Sometimes she is a bit much! I cheese for her and humor her! But it’s more fun to play like I’m not doing anything cute but even that is cute .

Miss Jenn/ Miss Nikki

Miss Jenn was out today but Miss Nikki really worked with me a lot I was climbing and trying new obstacles it was interesting I am willing to keep trying and when she changes out I climb up on the big table to wait ! Just wait till I get home! I can climb on anything now!!!

Miss Kaitlyn

Miss Kaitlyn works with me on the vibrating plate and helps me build more muscle I pick up a ball and touch the wall side to side it’s a 4 LB ball. WE do a lot of things to strengthen and I get my neurosis on for this

Miss Wendy

Did the weights (10 lbs) , danced with her to some awesome music. WE always have a GREAT time. I get my music therapy and swinging and vibration plate. AND IPAD with a neat Crayon to write on it. I have been writing my name.

Napa Day 7

Miss Shay

I worked on looking for animals and today I was saying on my talker I see and what it is… I found them all and really love looking for them. We worked on me saying “I” I finally got it and. I can say “ I Liam” now. … I am proud of myself I am working very hard but I am wore out by end of the day…


Today we did a few boards that she gave me to walk over. Jenn isn’t here and Nikki has given me some easy things today but I wouldn’t tell her that b/c she might really get tricky… She made one box set with balls under and I get to stand and it moves. She thinks it is going to be hard but I’ve got this but also love to tease her and get on the table she had to come get me when on it she moves and I smile and think its funny .. She told me I could step off but I stayed and did it over and over. She is trying to make me fall but I am tooooo good .


Got the suit on… I am just listening to my dance monkey song while she dresses me… then shaky plate time.

Did the ladder and put my puzzle together I’m a lot faster now! Mastering each task !! I’m going to crush it! Hannah was helping us I love to knock her over and make her fall it’s sooo funny!!!


Listening program I love the headset! Then we went to the swing to swing

I got to throw bean bags today’s. I did good then I decided I’d trick Miss Wendy and throw hand fulls!! After that we went to the weights I love them ! I am up to 12lbs now I’m sooo strong!! Miss Wendy kept wanting to take a nap I was nit having it! I said haaaang!!! Come on !!! Wakes wakes! She had some rice I was practicing scooping and moving to another bowl. Then iPad time yay!! I get to use Miss Wendy iPad to write my name

Napa Day 8


Worked on sentences .. I see sentences and how to find things in the talking device. I enjoyed playing with Shay big one …. It is soooo easy to see. I am doing well saying “I” and am working very hard on trying to talk so people can understand me. I can find things on anything they give me . I blow Miss Shay away!!!! I can show people how to find things on the devices and mummy can’t even do that. I am way smarter on devices than her. She should just ask me I can always direct…


Jenn was back glad I got one more appt with her before she left for vacation.

We worked on my balance she makes all kinds of different balance things for me to try. I am brave and try everything ! I haven’t been scared this time


Dance dance play play! Music therapy things were a little off today but I was ok when Wendy came and got me . She dances and is so much fun! We do music again, swing and she spins me we have so much fun playing. We did my weights I’m up to 12 lbs and love to scream and count with her. We’ve been doing a log pull and she gave me the biggest one I am sooooo strong I can pull it and I live watching mummy pull it back for me to do it again! At the end I always get to play on iPad and do my name and I love that ! We also play connect 4 I typically won but she has beat me a few times!


So much fun with Nikki we used the vibrating plate and I planked and stood and balanced I was really being silly and tried to free fall she caught me don’t know what the big deal was she caught me and I knew she would! I just have no fear and trust they will always take care of me. It was a long day with the change but we survived! Or I should say mummy survived … I go with the flow after things are back to normal!

Napa Day 9


I had to work on “T” sounds and did my word cards there was a student in the office today so I was being a cheeky funny boy! Miss Shay wasn’t amused but I thought it was funny!!!! She wants me to shake my head to say yes or no. She is so funny I have a talker why do I need to shake my head! She is super silly!
I finally got to go on a scavenger hunt I love looking for things . And love I can be silly!


Balance oh how much fun can you hear my sarcasm… I do it but it’s hard. Flamingo on blocks come on… promise mummy couldn’t do it.. it’s hard but I am doing well!!! I think I do! I was trying to be super brave and try by myself and I fell and scratched my back. I cried but I didn’t stop! I hugged on mummy a bit got cookie and got back up! Nothing going to keep me down! Especially on Kleefstra day!!

Rachael and Hannah

They were super sweet and careful getting my suit put towels to soften my back We went over to vibrating plate and Cookie Monster came with me. He has been watching me now to keep me focused . We did the 4lb ball and I would pick up and touch the wall. Rachael was impressed at how awesome I was with it. Then over to my ladder so I can put a puzzle together and practice walking sideways . I was a little tooter I guess my veggies was catching up! I was saying shew weee! Hannah was behind me saying ewe weeee liam! Of course it was funny!! I always think that is funny … being a boy is fun.


We went to the swing and listened to my music then weight time!! Cookie was doing weights with me. He isn’t as strong he fell off and gave up way sooner than me . The cage is my favorite well maybe I like the swing too. And the music . I met a new friend Olivia and she sat with me today! It’s nice to have other kids that are allowed to play with me.