Napa 2022 Week 3 Day 12

Napa Week 3 Day 12


Bolister time …. Love throwing it at Lauren… especially when she isn’t watching so much fun… Time to put slide from the 8” board over onto another board and lift and throw to the dart or ball board!!! I got a bulls eye and that is amazing but NOPE they won’t let me down.. ugh… Another 100 I am on FIRE!!! I grin and smile ..I know I can make it on the bulls eye as many times as I throw but it is fun to throw harder and further… I get to standing there and thinking .. Lauren and Savanna got to talking and I threw the ball.. they weren’t even paying attention I like to do things when nobody is paying attention b/c then I get to make them realize all the greatness they missed. Lauren is always dancing and playing she is super silly!

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT Ring time on the Bosu to practice putting on my shirt
Next I had to inchworm to miss Erin and high five her in position it is hard but I am doing pretty good at it.. I got Bu-cee and high five him too… They brought a sloth out to shoot but I still want puppy and sloth.. Plunger time I am in and out of the cones and I am almost doing it all a lone but obviously plungers are not meant to stick to the floor b/c they are meant to plunge the potty.. but its fun so I don’t care. Still can’t play with Mummy’s .. WE do the rope with me on my back and I pull myself across I am so fast now. Next we headed to the sleigh and today they made me step over some steps and pull it was a little harder but the sleigh wasn’t as heavy so I made it. They try to make things hard but nope… I am good … Ive got all of this watch… next we went to my favorite room hate doing the work but love the swing afterward.. I did the rainbow and backward down the ladder 5 times and finally reward time .. time for me to get to swing and Bu-cee too!! Fun times.. well I thought. Afterward they asked me to lay on a black mat I was very hesitant and it looked familiar well bu-cee did it so I tried and well little did I know they were going to roll me up for taco Tuesday and make me fly / swing in a taco.. I didn’t laugh but didn’t cry… Glad no more Taco Tuesdays in this intensive….

DMI Kaitlyn

4 boxes on top of large board deflated balls under and it was a little unsteady .. I wasn’t sure made Bu-cee go first and then I went IT was very tricky but I did it all 5 times. She tried to set up the trick one I said nope put it up please! Now she is setting up something new for me to do I am watching to make sure its not a trick .. .Kaitlyn loves to trick me. I am balancing on cubes going across its hard but I am doing it that one isn’t scary like the drop one! I helped pick that one up so we can do another exercise… I did the pipe roll and I jumped 4 of them.. was only doing two now I showed her I could keep on jumping come on is that all you have … keep em coming.. I had to do boxes on a flat board and they move wasn’t liking that one. It moves and is kind of scary! I humor her but I am telling you this is not for me… this is hard!! I stand there and it rocks it is very very hard … Kaitlyn said I was insecure so I decided to go… to show her wrong. WE did the pipes again and this time I jumped over 4 as she threw them…

See what they get me to do tomorrow……

Love you all thank you for following my journey ..