3 years and 11 months

I am 3 years and 11 month

We still go to Ginger and Spice to eat a few times a week I think I’m like their #1 customer I pretty much rule the place so I think. I’m going to make sushi like Cim one day . I love my cooking game and I make sushi on it so I know I will learn and it will be great!!!

I am starting to tell aunt J and mummy I am wet or I might want to go potty. Not sure we have the line of communication down on this toilet stuff. But when daddy is home I take my diaper off and run thru the house and pee. He gets grossed out and cleans it up but I think it’s funny bc he can’t catch me as I streak thru and get away to go potty. Leave the bathroom door open daddy and I would pee on my potty but if you leave me alone with no game I will put trash in the big potty bc it’s funny!!! Being a toddler is loads of fun you just go crazy and everyone wants to be mad but since I’m so cute and silly they laugh instead .

Daddy isn’t working as much at the local fire house so more time for me to terrorize him!! He’s learning he had to pay attention to me bc I can do soooo much more than I used to and I am so tall so I can reach more 🙂. I’ve learned how to open the pantry and it’s a big advantage I get all the Cheetos and rice crispy treats now. Although I’m still trying to learn to open the rice crispy treats but Cheetos I got and Gold fish because mummy put them in a container with a lid I can remove. I love opening and closing the refrigerator it drives mummy crazy she put a bar in it but think I can figure out how to remove that . I love to open and close the doors as well as the front door I like to go in and out and hear it slam . Mummy says I’m driving her to the crazy house lol. Fun times I just giggle.

I still only say Mama, dada, mad and mine ... mad and mine I decided I didn’t want to say much anymore tho. but they are excited bc I’m making more sounds . Daddy says I’m a noisy boy I think it’s funny and mummy screams with me and daddy puts on his headphones . Bed time I like to go crazy and try to stay up as long as I can and be cheeky!!!

I had to go to the children’s hospital in temple and have an echocardiogram they look at my heart to see if the hole is getting better, worse or staying the same they said. The gel was really warm but weird the lady put these stickers on my back bc I wanted to pull them off. I weigh 42 lbs now and mummy says I’m solid boy!!! Well yes I am a boy and I would hope I was solid ... I had to go see my awesome delay pediatrician today I love her she is so sweet and always hugs all of us. But afterwards I had to go get blood taken they took 4 syringes of my blood like 20 cc mom said and I don’t get it I need my blood it keeps me alive and makes me be liam but they took it and out it in these colored tubes. I was really good tho but I did cry it hurt! I had a cool smilie face bandage around my arm to make the bleeding stop. Daddy and mummy let me get a really cool Cookie Monster today bc I had to go thru so much and I’m super lucky and I love it soooo much. He talks and shakes and is soo funny. Cookie Monster has finally gave me something I love more than my game he makes me laugh all the time he is soo silly like me!! My big sister Joy is coming home mummy is sooo excited and so am I . We went to see Uncle Matt and Aunt Dawns new house and I got to play in the sand box and water mist with Uncle Matt and was so fun! He’s a big kid and so much fun he did fist bumps and said cheeseburger and fries I thought it was so funny.

My sister is home! I love her sooo much we took her car shopping so she could get a truck . She’s been in Japan and not Able to drive so now she wants to hit the road. Not me I travel tooo much already. We have had so much fun she makes me laugh all the time. Sissy had a lot of friends over that brought her presents for her little baby girl I’m going to be an Uncle at 4 pretty cool right!!! I’m going to be the best Uncle! I’m small enough we can play and I won’t make her mind! So I will be the favorite for sure. We went to a wedding and I got a little hot but after we went inside I enjoyed eating tons of M&M and grapes ! I played on the stairs and enjoyed game time since I don’t get it at home without sneaking it when nobody is looking!!! Or when daddy wants to do something I just annoy him until he gives in. Works every time. It’s been a busy busy month. I’ve been skipping naps so my days have been long and I get a little grumpy at bed time but I don’t want to miss things life is tooooo short. Next weekend my friend Catherine comes up for her birthday and mine so we can party together. So excited !!! And my sister hasn’t been to any of my birthdays so we are going to have mine a little early for her. My birthday was a blast!!!!! My BFF came and hung out we had our parties together she got me a cool space outfit and I had so many fun people around my papaw Manny, my friend Leann , her brother Ross and my sister friend Kellee came with her little girl Nova it was a blast and of course my Uncle Travis , Uncle Matt (cheeseburger French fry fists bump uncle) and Aunt Dawn that sit and plays in the pools and acts like a kid with us . She is a blast!!! I’ve had a very busy month so I’m a bit excited and have a lot to say so sorry ....

I so love going to the farm. The sweet girls play with me and love me. I love them soooo much. Wish they could come home with me and play with me. But I really look forward to going to get my milk and playing. Their mummy even lets me learn how to ring up my milk. I love learning new things .

My aunt J and auntie Mel came to get my Aunt J stuff I’m super upset she is leaving but glad I have a few days to play with them. Hate people leave me. I try to be good to my keepers . I try to only aggravate my daddy and mummy the fun people need to stay longer. But I understand Mummy said they have to move on with their next journey just like I have to continue on mine.

We leave in a few weeks for another journey.... details to follow. Thank you all for helping me , loving me, sharing my fundraiser, and being apart of my life. Love all of you....