SLEEP STUDY / EEG 5/21-5/22

Sleep Study and EEG

Got up early to help Daddy start his work day . So I thought that’s why mummy got me up early!!! Little did I know all the pool time , running and not allowing me to nap really meant more Stuff in my hair and on my head!!! Off we left and headed somewhere . Mummy told me we were going for a sleep study so they could watch how I sleep. It was raining really bad and traffic was backed up because of an accident. I love traffic and love the ambulance, police cars and fire trucks . But hate I don’t see daddy when. I see fire trucks or ambulances anymore. I’m not allowed at his new work bc it’s a lot of sick people and some not so sick people … I wouldn’t go to hospital unless I was dying or well mummy takes me bc I have appt like lately . But again NOT my choice or idea. Got to Nashville for the sleep study parked we had to walk in the rain and figure out where we were going . I just skipped along figured mummy had this. She was a little upset so figured my cute personality would help. I pushed all the elevator buttons even the ones we didn’t need to go up bc I was trying to help she laughed and thanked me. Knew I could make her laugh!! Have that affect on people. Got to check in and that took a few minutes then to our room, now that’s what I’m talking about !!! Bed time yay! Got my tablet and just so you know the Marriott is not a place I want to stay again they charge for WiFi!!!! Yes charge !! Of all the travel and hotels we go to NEVER can I not play a game!!! I was some kind of upset ! Mummy gave me her phone but I really just wanted my game . That’s the prize for test. “game” and I was robbed! So I’ll go to bed , But I wasn’t allowed ugh! The sweet nurse came in and she had me sit in mummy lap and started putting all the wires in my head again but this time without superglue whew!!! She put lots of other stickers and things on me , I was so tired and over it I fell asleep while sitting there . They carried me to bed I snuggled down. In the middle of the night I got really cold apparently my body started heating up causing the things on me not to work correctly so they put a fan on me and I wasn’t allowed my blanket had to use a sheet to keep me from heating up or the test wouldn’t work right. I was pretty cold not used to that but honestly slept good. I wasn’t moving they attached my head and I wasn’t losing it , Figured I’d be very very still so I didn’t have to worry about my hair and head falling off ! They put another thing in my nose for me and it was super strange I wasn’t going to touch it no way. So no thumb tonight!!! Other than being cold I slept pretty good. Mummy was worried it would make the test not show how I sleep at home and not give data they need. Honestly hope they do get what they need I don’t want to do those test anymore .
We had to get up at 5:30 am and she came and took all my wires and stickers off. Mummy and I took daddy breakfast and headed home . I might take a nap at home !!! They told mummy they got a lot of data I have no clue what that means but sure we will have an update this month…

Love you all thanks for prayers and support … mummy couldn’t make it thru this without y’all!!