Liam Says - April 2019

Saturday April 13th

Philadelphia, PA

We got up and loaded our car up and headed out. Daddy used google maps so we got a neat detour of the city and I don’t say detour lightly we detoured a lot of times apparently mummy said google must have missed the memo of all the road construction and road closures in Philadelphia. We finally made it down town we were going to hibachi but the place was closed and well I wanted to eat hibachi and wasn’t too happy to have to get back into my detour car seat again! But back I went and I made it impossible to buckle and mummy knows how to fix it but ugh! Then I kicked my shoes off and decided to take my socks off well they wouldn’t come off and that made me mad!!! Ugh and nobody would help me so I pulled and pulled and pulled and screamed and got mad and pulled ! I was sooo mad . They didn’t want me to take them off bc we were going to eat but the way I looked at it if we were following g google I could take them off take a nap and we would still be on a detour! Finally!!!!! Got them both off and i took the one in the door and threw it as hard as I could into the floor. Made me feel better .

We finally got down town and saw a broken bell! N have no clue why they wanted to see a broken bell but we did it was called the liberty bell. The. We went and saw another place for the constitution. These adults like boring things but seemed important so I played along !! We walked afterward trying to find food but there wasn’t anything really appealing so we got our car and headed to Jersey! We found a nice little down and parked and walked to a diner it was good I had chicken tenders fries and rice pudding came with my meal. I love rice pudding I was enjoying it and saying more over and over. Then we went walking and I skipped and played! I am skipping more and more . I saw a police car it makes me super excited to see police, fire and Ems! We headed back to the airport oh I’m excited I love planes so much. We returned our car and got on the air train and I watched and looked at all of the planes it was soooooo nice . That train goes were I can see them take off also and that really makes me excited. We finally had to get off and find our terminal it was easy to find and mummy us our stuff down to a science so we get thru security pretty quickly. We went in and I finally talked daddy into my iPad! I’ve been so good and been all over with no iPad I’ve been neglected!!!! We sat in the terminal and I played while everyone took turns walking around. I could careless as long as I have a game to play. So we boarded the flight and I got my seat and decided I would talk to everyone . I’m normally quite but well wasn’t in the mood to be quite tonight I’m sitting with daddy and Shae and mummy are in front of us laughing as I torment daddy. So I’m the air we go and I’m making my crazy Liam sounds playing my iPad and enjoying the plane. It’s a full flight and everyone acts like they want to go to sleep so I figured I would talk bc I don’t want to go to sleep these people need to be awake this is exciting. Anyway enjoy your special month Liam says will be back on the 30th with the new changes in my household! Should be interesting with me being boss and the foods they have to say Byebye too.