Vandy MEU. 48 Hour EEG Day 1

Day 1 Vandy Childrens MEU 48 hour EEG

Today wasn’t what i expected, mummy said hey we will be at the hospital for a few days no big deal ! Pick out a friend to go as she grabbed my blanket! I picked a Paddington I haven’t been able to get my hands on for about a year bc he has been hanging in a basket on my ceiling!! Off I skipped to the truck ! We get to hospital park and it started out a little rough. Mummy had a hard time getting everything piled where she could push the luggage, back pack and keep me close by so I wasn’t squashed by a vehicle driving stupid in a parking garage that’s at a CHILDRENS hospital! Guess what is at a children’s hospital!? Anyone know? If not I’ll tell you and the rest of the world !!! CHILDREN! KIDS, BABIES! Not adults ! It’s kids so come on. So back to my story of me skipping to the elevator ! We went down and should have just crossed! Back up we go as a nice lady reassured us ! Cross the walk path and get inside they make Mummy MASK up!! Geez we’ve had Covid already people!!! But off to the elevator by the big butterfly wall and back down we go. Don’t know why we have to go up then back down but ok! Meet a nice lady and she gets all my info and mummy signs us up to be locked up for the weekend!

Hmmm. We go over and wait for my room. The nice lady comes back and helps mummy with the bags. She was soo kind! We get to the room and I tell mummy I want the couch but they insist I need the bed 🙄. So I sit! They put red socks on me . Said it is so I won’t fall! I sit and play my game . Not really in the mood to smile much . I’m a little scared bc I’m not so sure about all of this. The sweet nurse brings me a tiger gown said it would be easier bc after they put something on my head I can’t take off my shirt! Ok?!?!?!? So tigers it is. Next a super nice guy comes in and tells me about all the little things he is going to stick to my head and told me that he was going to use air to dry them so they won’t yank off, well guy I won’t move don’t want my head to yank off no worries there!
So I get 23 small things glued to my head and in my hair and they all have wires , he tapes them all and then puts a bandage around my head and I look absolutely silly! I mean I am not moving this is so weird so I sit and don’t move, turn my head . No move mum not doing it. This could make my head fall off!!!! I play my game and mum adjust the bed so I will stop looking at my game thru my eyes at a glance. Oh did I say I don’t have my glasses . We haven’t found a way to make them fit yet . That honestly is least of my worries . I sit mummy finally had a way to get lunch up to us and I had broccoli, peas and chicken and she got me chocolate cake and tea for a treat . They don’t have our water so hoping daddy won’t forget my water tomorrow when he brings my vitamins in the containers. They want the bottles. Dinner I got fish, chips, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple and oranges. Daddy stopped by after work and I gave him my pineapple and he had some of my strawberries. He didn’t stay long bc he was tired . He wanted hugs, but sorry dad don’t you see I’m a little wired here!!! My new nurse is so sweet tonight she came in and said she wishes all the kids were as good as me about sitting still. She said kids pull these things off their heads and have to have them reapplied! Uh NO WAY. Not getting more glue in this beautiful red hair ! Do wish I had a hair cut before this but the guy said my hair was a good length! For what to yank out when we pull this stuff out…..????!!!! So bed time! Not sure about this for sure. But I am tired and it’s 11 so I’ll try mum but lay with me. So she did. Not that I gave her a lot of room since again I won’t move!!! But had no choice bc I accidentally somehow peed out my shorts and my sweet nurse had to help mum change my sheets!!! Don’t know how I am so talented to miss my diaper and pee out of my pants but I managed fit just as I fell asleep! So had no choice but to stand oh my God moving was horrific what if my head falls off. I didn’t cry ! If that was what you were wondering but did act like I couldn’t stand and mummy made me put my feet down to show me I could. I stood there and held mummy as she helped my sweet nurse and she changed my gown! I don’t have tigers now! But it is softer! So back to sleep I go! Day two coming up!!! Night night it’s midnight!!!!




May 13,2022 Friday