Vandy MEU. 48 Hour EEG Day 2

Day 2 Vandy Children’s MEU EEG

Started with event at 2:30 I am sleeping here I just want to rock and throw myself onto Paddington then over to the other side. No need to run into the room , it’s just my normal early morning routine. Back to snoring and back to my pillow. They should be glad I’m moving , but it’s because I am tired and asleep bc I seriously don’t want my head to come off !! I was sleeping soooo good and a team of neurologist came in and tried to wake me, tickle me I covered my head ! They were nice enough but I was not ready to wake up for you!! Mummy talk entertain whatever let me sleep.
Mummy ordered me French toast sticks they were not hers for sure but sure enjoyed my oranges and since I slept in I know I have lunch soon …. And the tea here is great!!! But still like my water Daddy brought my water up from home the water here taste funny it’s bottled from cafe but weird tasting compared to mine. Mummy and I have been playing games . Just chilling out . Daddy came up and he is snoring so loud I can’t hear my game … gees daddy nice visiting!!! Wanna throw a shoe at him but mummy has our shoes put up and I’m not moving off this bed don’t want my brains to fall out . Lunch people forgot my oranges but I got two chocolate cakes so not complaining at all!!!! Been enjoying more tea bc their water is horrid . I’m starting to be a little more chatty but still scared to move a lot bc of this stuff on my head. Wonder how it will come off last time wasn’t this long this stuff is clued into my hair scary!!!! Will it pull my hair out or my scalp off !!! Then you’ll see my brain …. Been chilling and FaceTiming people but hanging up. Mummy finally held my device so I would let people talk.
My lunch and dinner wasn’t bad but wasn’t as good as yesterday!!! I had some lays tonight never had them before but was hungry and needed something. Hospital stuff is weird. I was a little upset bc it got in the bed and I was uncomfortable. Lays everywhere guess I was a little messy…. Mummy took everything and cleaned it all for me so I was chip free.

I calmed down a little I really want to go home. Very homesick and want to move my head. I am scared to stand up even when mummy makes me I honestly want back in the bed where I know my head is safely tied down and I won’t yank it off.
My sweet nurse came in to do vitals and let me go to bed. Off to zzzz land and hopefully when I wake I can go home!!!!!!!

Love Liam….



May 14,2022