Vandy MEU. 48 Hour EEG Day 3

Day 3 Vandy Children’s MEU EEG

I am sleeping well I woke up at 2 kind of to readjust seems in my sleep I don’t worry about my brain quite so much. I toss and turn and move a lot . I rocked a little but not like at home . Around 4-5 I started moving around a lot more and got more adjusted into the bed kicked off my socks and threw myself sideways and down toward the other end . My nurse and mummy were trying to untangle me and sit me back on my pillow I woke up a little and looked and realized NOPE not home and back to snore land!!!! Maybe if I go back to sleep I’ll wake up back at home with my stuffed friends. Paddington has been great wish I had Buc-ee tho bc he is fluffier !!!

I said hi to my care team and hi to my nurse ! So at least I’m talking mom I’m trying to get used to all of this but to be honest don’t really want to get used to it !! Just want to go home soon. They say today!!! So we shall see!!!  Well they took off my head cask and pulled out the electrodes . I have glue alll in my beautiful hair. Ugh oh well good thing I know good people to cut my hair Bubba sissy please…… I got a long shower to wash the acetone out of my hair. That was nice and it was a shower my size so nice !!!! I didn’t want to get out . We went to Target to get me a prize! I can beg for prizes love Target visits . Got new Spider-Man! He’s super cool. And new Spider-Man blanket. So happy boy I am. Stupidly do dah…. Off I I run and show mummy where her car is since she obviously needs me to show her where to go!
Got home and oh my I’m so glad to be home!!! I relaxed and mummy mowed it was getting bad . I let her do her thing and I chilled and enjoyed moving my face, jumping, walking and moving without my head feeling as thought it might fall off . Mummy put stuff to loosen the glue in my hair and it hurt she combed a lot thru but it brought tears to my eyes so she stopped . There is still a lot of glue in my hair!

I’ve enjoyed being home. I’ve made a big mess with some chips I think Father Ted needs to clean up…. I’ve played inside and out and have been happy to be home. But all of that can go to my story for May.

Love you all thanks For the prayers and love




May 15, 2022